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Project Description:

Fishery Simulation GUI tool is used to speed up the bootstrap process by typing in the directory, file names, command line and one-click to run all for you. This tool has feature to summarize files from each sub-folder for user further analysis. This tool can also be used to distribute files using blank command lines. Here is the video demo about how to use this tool.

Other Usage:

Although this tool is named as Fishery Simulation, eventually, it is not only limited to fishery. You may use this tool for anything you want to speed up by maximizing your CPU strength, create a mass folders with different content for each folder.

For example,

  • You are doing a complicate science math calculation which takes you days, this tool may help you finish it in few hours. 
  • You need a tool to create mass sub folders
  • You want to copy files to other folders and need to modify contents within the files
  • You need to speed up executing applications inside the each folder  
  • You need other computers helping you speed up your process to accomplish the same task 
  • And much more...

What Started Up This Project And Credits:

This tool is based on the simulation work used Stock Synthesis (integrated fishery stock assessment model). Detail method and their application to the fishery can be referred to the following papers.

  1. Lee, H.H., Maunder, M., Piner, K. and Methot, R. 2012. Can steepness of the stock-recruitment relationship be estimated in fishery stock assessment models? Fisheries Research. 125-126:254-261.
   2. Piner, K., Lee, H.H., Maunder, M. and Methot, R. 2011. A simulation-based method to determine model misspecification: examples using natural mortality and population dynamics models. Marine and Coastal Science. 3:336-343.
   3. Lee, H.H., Maunder, M., Piner, K. and Methot, R. 2011. Estimating natural mortality within a fisheries stock assessment model: an evaluation using simulation analysis based on twelve stock assessments. Fisheries Research. 109:89-94.


I want to express my appreciation for your generosity in support of Fishery Simulation. Your commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our goal. Your assistance means so much to me but even more to everyone benefit from this. Thank you from all of us. 

If you like to support this, welcome to donate to us by clicking on the donation button below. Thanks!



We are much appreciated that this open-source tool is used in your research project and would like to be cited from one of above papers.

*Please note that some features are under development. Feel free to make suggestions.

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